Objectives and Policy

The overall objective of the organization is to strengthen respect for human rights through peaceful means, activities and strategies that contribute to the exposure and removal of violence; legal, social and economic discrimination, inequality, injustice and dis-empowerment; and the creation and reinforcement of institutions and mechanisms for the protection, promotion and implementation of human rights.  AGHS subscribes to the international standards of human rights recognized in all instruments in the field of human rights and fundamental freedoms adopted by the United Nations.  AGHS considers the civil society as a critical element in the progress and strengthening of human rights, and integral to all notions of an international community. It, therefore, believes in involving and addressing the civil society as much as the state in all aspects of its work. While AGHS cooperates with the government on all initiatives that genuinely advance the cause of human rights, it does not see itself as a partner with the government in respect of any programs. The organization participates with the government in training, awareness, and dissemination of human rights whenever the opportunity arises and wherever the situation so demands. However, it believes that it must maintain and protect its objectivity, independence and autonomy in order to discharge its functions of monitoring and assessing state practices on human rights. Its cooperation with the government is always in the capacity of an element of the civil society and as a contribution of the civil society in the progress of all initiatives on human rights.


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